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Orphan Care Centre





1.  Objectives

  1. To take care of the welfare of orphans in Malawi.

  2. To counsel orphans so that they can easily be integrated into the society and become useful citizens of the country.

  3. To stimulate the awareness of the nation to the potential needs and rights of orphans.

  4. To strive for improvement and enrichment of the lives of the orphans by helping them realise their full potentials and enhancing of their contribution to the National development.

  5. To provide training and basic education for the orphans to enable them address their problems and future challenges.

  6. To help them in finding appropriate careers so that they can live their lives in full.

  7. To organise seminars, workshops conferences, etc on issues related to orphans and child development.

  8. To cooperate with C.B.O. and N.G.O. whose aims are to bring about social and equitable justice for the disadvantaged children.

2.  Mission statement

  1. Kaviwale will take care of the general welfare of the orphans by educating, protecting and comforting them through provision of institution for literacy, skill empowerment, counselling and aids awareness to improve their livelihood.


*zoals beschreven en ondertekend in de statuten van KOCC, op 3 mei 2002 in Mzuzu, Malawi.